Triple R IT Power, Precision and Control in Data Integration and Aggregation

The Data Source Integrator can be used in a wide variety of applications to assist the business processes of a company with relevant data. This also applies to processes across the system borders with subsidiaries, between branches, with newly acquired companies and in supply chain management.

A variety of different goals can be achieved, for instance:

  • increase data quality; completeness, consistency and reliability
  • informed decision-making: real time information is available to management anywhere
  • e-business
  • tracking mutations
  • authorization
  • integrating logistic and administrative processes
  • managing a customer support desk

The Data Source Integrator supports both data aggregation and data integration. Data aggregation refers to collecting data from multiple sources and combines the data from different sources in a single result. Data integration synchronizes data between data sources. In most applications a combination of both techniques is required.

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