Triple R IT Power, Precision and Control in Data Integration and Aggregation

Integrated hard- and software solution

In order to achieve the disired level of control and efficiency of the data integration and aggregation proces Triple R IT has developed custom-built electronics and specialized software.

The heart of the electronics consists of an Intel network plane processor extented with reprogrammable logic and memory banks. This mix of components creates an optimal platform with advanced scheduling capabilities, encryption, network communication, etc.

Specialized software enables paths to be executed. A path is an ordered set of functions which will be executed when a specific event occurs, for example when new data is added to a data source. In case a function cannot be executed an exception is raised. The DataSource Integrator supports a mechanism to solve these exceptions without disrupting the other processes.

Support all known data integration techniques

Over the years many solutions for the data integration and aggregation challenges have been proposed. It all started with the need to move data from one ERP system to another. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) was designed to solve the problems. And operates batch based with large amounts of data. Then the need for checking the validity of data before moving it into another system became a priority and Enterprise Application Integration was born.

Most suppliers from middleware, data integration tools, etc. are using one technology at its core.

The DataSource Integrator can handle all common integration and aggregation techniques, while keeping track of the complete history (also known as provenance).

Enterprise messaging bus

With the growth of service oriented architectures en Software as a service a whole new IT-strategy emerged. A strategy based upon small applications, easy to manage and implement, working together to provide all the functionality needed by an enterprise.

Our product, the DSI, has the capability to communicate to all of these applications and create a single virtual data source containing all connected datasources.

Platform independent

At the core the datasource integrator doesn’t use a standard technology but a sophisticated mathematical model. It doesn’t convert all data into a standard like XML, OMG objects, etc. and isn’t depending on any third party interface or operating system.